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Otago's Master of Planning (MPlan) degree is recognised nationally and internationally for professional excellence.MPlan_students_in_the_field_considering_issues_relating_to_urban_form_regeneration_and_heritage_reuse It contains exciting and flexible study options, leading to superb employment opportunities. A Master of Planning education links theory and practice, emphasising analytical and communication skills, critical thinking, creative design, environmental literacy, cultural understanding, teamwork, community engagement, collaborative decision-making, and democratic governance.

Planning professionals play a major role in the decision-making processes of government, local government and private enterprise. Planners help communities and decision makers plan for the future, creating ways forward in relation to land use, resource use, transportation, housing, economic development, the environment, heritage, sustainability, hazard mitigation, and the design of more liveable, safe spaces. Planners address issues facing neighbourhoods, cities, regions, rural and wilderness areas, water and air. In their interdisciplinary and inter-professional work, planners engage with iwi (indigenous groups), businesses, environmental agencies, citizen groups, and elected officials to understand their physical,natural, cultural and social environments, the issues associated with them, and the futures possible in relation to them.

This website will give you a snapshot of our postgraduate planning degree, and the exciting career to which it can lead.



Application is through the University of Otago website online applications. Visit and click the "Apply Now" button.

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