University of Otago Master of Planning

The vital role of planners

Planners need to balance community needs

Planning for urban and rural growth is a major challenge in countries around the world today.

Planners may need to be consulted about management of marine and land resources, development within urban and rural areas, protection of indigenous peoples' values, heritage protection, the social impacts of economic change, and impacts on the environment.

Issues such as poverty, pollution, waste management, delivery of social services, and employment issues may need to be examined as part of any assessment a planner may prepare.

In assessing impacts of proposals and possible policy changes, planners play a major role in the decision-making process used by local bodies, Government and private enterprise as they seek to provide for society's future needs. A planner might also articulate and identify important community values, and play an ongoing role monitoring and evaluating new policies.

For recent graduates, the profession of planning offers an exciting and satisfying career choice of immediate value in today's world.